Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stuffs on Stuffs off

Unfortunately this week is the Semester Final Exam week, so I can't writing as long as usual on this blog. But, maybe with some pictures I took, it could make my blog still updates..hehehe.

It is the deep blue Hand.. :)
hmmmm... :p
A Self made Lunch : Rice and the Chicken Lemonade Sauce on top! yummy :p
It is so looong time I don't eat Dunkin Donuts.. Mango is always be my favourite.. :p
My Red Rose will dead soon :(
Stuffs and stuffs
Us.. and a stupid face you'd show, dear Boyf!
Movieholic before the Final Exam, and look he used his keyboard as a tv's remote!
Black Nails with bling-bling are cool too!
My Nail polish collection! :p
look! That is a booklet for the drama Theater which me and my classmates will show at abschlussfest event tomorrow. This time I played as a guard gate of a Magic House and also a magician. Wait for the Photos during the show uploaded! :D

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