Monday, June 23, 2014


Last wednesday I had lunch with le Boyfriend in one of the best cafe in town (I guess). Hummingbird at Kuningan City, Jakarta. I was picking up Run Race pack for an event "Electro Run" that day, the event was on last saturday 21st June 2014. Sorry that I just post it today and I will also post the event later. hehe :p So please enjoy these few pics I took, and of course my ootd that day :p
Electro Run Race Pack Pick Up *late spoiler* :p

About the Hummingbird Cafe, I loved the interior of it and of course the menu, they serve asian and western dishes with large portion. They taste real good.. Wow.. 

Avocado Chicken Snitzel and Mushroom Cream Soup

Berry Red *Beer with strawberry slices* :)

Sorry for the narcistic photos of us.. :p

btw I costumized the spikes on the vest's collar and to be continued, it will be added more. :p

Dress by Topshop // Vest by Unbranded // Vintage Bag by Christian Raguerre (Mom's collection) // Shoes by @wonderwowme

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Weding pt.II

Sunday, Jun 15th 2014.. Happy Wedding to our dearest friend, Ilham&Puji.. Well, to know you'll getting married was a surprise for me, yeah,  since you both are busy enterpreneur as I know, hehe. I just wishing you both have full of happiness life until the world seperates you both apart.. and also success with the enterpreneurship.. :) 

*me and le boyfriend*

Sneak peak about the product they're produce, the groom is the owner of Stereo Dessert and the bride is the owner of famous Nasi Goreng Mafia in Bandung.. and you know I am craving for this products soooo much hahaha. 

Success for you both!! :)

Well, another wedding party this month in Bandung. I went to Bandung in Sunday and back to Jakarta at the same day. only for the wedding party, yess, for my dearest friends, what I wouldn't do? haha. Another surprise was the wedding party location is very near to the le Boyfriend friend's house, so we decided to come around and you know what I found there? cute dogs and puppies everywhere around his house! aaaaawwww 

Bit about the Costume.. I decided to wear another blue theme this time. Still using the same shoes like the previous wedding party and I just don't know why I choose blue, but surely I wasn't feeling blue that day..hehe so here are the ootd pics, that le boyfriend took...

fyi, I customely added those studded at the dress shoulder..and willing to add some more studded around but still don't know bout the design :p

Dress by 2nd_Fashion Store // Shoes by Nine West // Necklace by Cotton On //
Watch by Alexander Christie // Purse by Random Store 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Wedding pt.1

Last Week on Jun 8th, one of my best friend were getting married.. I am so happy for you both!! We were on the same dormitory when in College. 4years togetherness with another students from any different faculty were so wonderful.. I miss those days, and now I wish we could do reunion any time.. Happy day for a happy life.. Congratulation,my dear.. <3 nbsp="" p="">

Bandung (again) that day was so bright.. After comin for a wedding reception, me and le boyfriend decided to try out new cafe in Bandung named Rocca n Co. It located at Jalan Progo and direct beside the Hummingbird Cafe. At this area you'll find any other unique and nice place to hangout such Tokyo Connection cafe, Giggle Box Cafe, Kopi Progo Cafe etc.  So here we were and took some ootd pics.. :p

Dress by 2nd_Fashion // Belt by H&M //
Statement Necklace bought at Random Store // Shoes by Nine West

Due to we already eat a lot of yummy food at the Wedding reception, we only ordered dessert at Rocca n Co. These are what we ordered :

Very Berry Pizza Dessert

And these are the interior for the outside area of Rocca n Co. badly I didnt take any indoor interior pics but It is so nice though..  :) 

Happy Tummy guys!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bold and Brave

I had lunch today with Sissy while waiting for my Mom meeting with friends. Long time not takin' OOTD pics, so I decided today to be well dressed. fyi, I just coloured my hair into red. hehehe. But not so red, I mean because I have black normal asian kind of hair, it was hard to have another colour without hair bleaching. This time my hair looks bit burgundy, I think. :p 

*Foot Style*

 I found an "Orchard Ice Cream" look-a-like! 

a slice of Ice cream with piece of bread. Happy Tummy,btw!

  Lunch Menu Set, Olio Pasta and Choco Hazelnut Frappe. :D

Decided to have a bold dressed up.

 Adorable Project Shoes, Uniqlo Slim Trousers, and Top from Second Fashion Shopline. :)

Bunch of happiness today! L'Occitane package I bought! Yippie!
(The lotion I have before is not empty yet till now, now I have it double :p)