Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Green Day

Today I won't spent my time on a beach (again).. need something fresh and green ^_^
Garden, Park, Lake, yessss, I am in :) 

In the middle of red flowers
I am totally refresh! :)
What I wear : pink flowery dress, White-pink Crocs, Bali Hat
Taken by Panji :)
Taken by me :)
at Botanical Garden
feel so natural :)
We're going to cross the Lake to the other Island (still in Bedugul)
I am in love with the Nature! ^___^
Bali Strawberry Cafe (all about strawberry!)
Ice Cream (3 flavours) with strawberry slice
I am just surprised there's much strawberry under the Ice cream! hahaha
Pancake Strawberry with ice cream
Pancake Strawberry with honey
Siomay Strawberry! (I ordered it because I just never eat this kind of siomay)
and it taste awesome!! haha ^__^d

Happy green day,

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Beach in December

Spent my Last Week in 2011 on the Beach
Just wearing such a comfort clothes during the holiday, Mini skirt and Top are best :)

Jump off the sea :p

Couple photos from us :) 

 He's got trapped!! I'm little higher than him, hahahaha
 Hunny, I'll help you get out of that white sand trap! haha

Monday, December 19, 2011

Randomly Lecker!

Photos of the Day :
Es Campur at Foodcourt Griya Pahlawan, Bandung
A very hot day, so I decided to eat this soup ice with fruits
And oyeah I got this Japanese Mocchi from a friend :)


And oh one thing, yesterday I joined a DDR National Tournament 2011,
and I won on the 3rd place! Yay ^___^
I'll apload some Photos of the competition after I got them from the Photographer, hehe

Friday, December 16, 2011

Anything I love to do

And again.. at Central Park :)

I opened my closet and I found this polkadottie Jacket. Yay!
I remember I bought it in a secondhand market with Mommy for few months ago.
And yes, now I wear it.. :)

46 Months

15th December is our day :)
We're already together for 46 Months! (3 years and 10 Months)
I actually almost forgot for today, but he remembered me and doesn't even mad that I don't remember :))
So, we decided to celebrate it in Suis Butcher Cafe, Bandung.
A quite nice place :)
Suis Butcher Menu
Chicken Maryland and Beef Gorbachev

Dessert : Apple Pie

How it look like

Happy Anniversary to us :)