Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Paint the Flower

It's been awhile since my last post because I had some trouble with the internet connection lately. I only can use wifi but not the cellular network, even the data was already on. I know wifi is everywhere, but indeed I didn't bring my laptop or Ipad everywhere and everytime though. haha. The trouble was come from the cell network and It just repaired yesterday by the cell provider it self. Of course I had to call the CS first to report. Well it's sucks when we trapped without an internet somehow. sigh.

So.. in this post, I'll share my rare time wearing long dress for a dinner. Btw this was my Saturday night dinner with family during the long weekend. There's 2 days public holiday in Indonesia which make it a long weekend started from Thursday until Sunday last week. I didn't go anywhere. why? one word to answer, Working.. Le hubby didn't complain about this, I thought he could be jeleous with the others who can travel on this long weekend, but he wasn't. He stayed. Asked me for dinner with my family, he want me to not envy with others, and so I'm not getting bored for this working-time-on-public-holiday, he said. Thank you so much.. :D

Spent last Saturday night at Pondok Indah Mall Jakarta, me and my fam decided to choose Tjap Toean Resto. It was random because sooo many cafes n restos are full of people. Only this one was empty. Without a long discuss we took seats for us and order. Seriously, the taste wasn't good enough if compared with the prices. It was overprices For a so-so taste. Well, I know this will happen from the beginning, but It was okay with the ambience. An old design is cute. Le hubby took many pics freely since there's no one else besides us. It was quite enough to replace our disappointed to the food. We weren't buy the food, but the ambience. hehe :)

Okay, about the outfit I wore, still wearing docs boots but in the different way, mixed with  bodyfit long dress, with a front slit. Felt a bit weird but seriously, it's gonna be my fave style. haha. Bold and girly at the same time. :)

What I wore :

Dress - Bangkok
Shoes - Docmart
Bag - Louis Vuitton
Bracelet - Cotton On