Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Indonesian Ghost House

Today me and my Boyf went to Festival Citylink Mall, Bandung, to see what an Indonesian Ghost House look like. But before we lost our appetite after entering that House, we had Lunch at this Mall Foodcourt.. haha.. Oo after reconcept, this place is being more cozy and comfort anyway.. I like the new concept of it!.. ^_^
Too bad that we can't take any picture in the Ghost House. ooooOf course we don't have any time to take photos in there while our heart fast beating because of the Fear! rrrggghhh... But We take some Photos outside the House to memorizing and to being posted in this Blog.. hehehe :p
And look, we have done some stupid pose! hahahahaaaaa...

Ok,they're succeed to make us scared,

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Thank you so much dear Boyfie...I have got new Hair Styler! and a Red Rose! hurrraaa! ^_^

And Thanks to Mommy and Daddy who gave me Gieffefe Parfume and Pair of Batik for me and my Boyfie.. Love you! ^_^

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Saturday, 21 Mei 2011
I went to Istana Plaza, Bandung to watch Pump Festival Competition (I aploaded the videos soon, because they size are not yet being converted, sorry). After the competition I went Dinner with my Boyfie. Okay, we're not Dinner in Restaurant, Cafe, or another good place to eat. We're having Dinner in Cieumbeuleuit Roadside eating place. This is not our first time to eat here, and I think I ADDICTED to this FOOD! hahahahaaa... the Food is Sate Cobek. It was totally LECKER! very hot, sweet, and spicy.. For the Price, don't be worry, it wouldn't make you sell your cellphone to pay..xixi..
You know, I have to go back there soon, I'm freak out of this! NYUMMEE... :9

What I wore that time :
Deutschland Fussball T-Shirt, s.Oliver Jacket Jeans, Mom's Maxi Skirt, Ray Ban glasses, Bellagio white Sandals, and Charles Jourdan little clutch..
p.s : Oh my God! I'm freaking missing Deutschland! :'(

@Paris Van Java

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sushi Monday

Sushi Party Time!!!!

Self made Sushi
Roll it..and roll it...

Meet the Chef, Olinggha.... tarrrraaaa... :p
And I'd like to eat them all..hahaha

And I have got a Birthday Gift from Friends! Thank you so much! :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today is my Birthday! yay! I am 23 now and no more 22. The one thing I must do this year is finish my Study so soon as possible.. AMEN! Today is not just my Birthday, but also LoRD 1st Anniversary! Hurrraaaaa.. FYI LoRD is DDR Bandung Comunity.. For people who lives in Bandung and verry verry freak about Dance Dance Revolution absolutely can join us! ^_^

1st Destination this Day : Drive to Bandung from Jatinangor to have Lunch with the Best Boyf in the world (@ Sunny&Green Cafe, Bandung). Thank you my dear, I want to go here very much. All variation Pancake here was highly Recommended from me! :)

Lunch Package each only 22k inlclude Sweet Ice Tea. we are ordered Ikan kakap asam pedas and Ikan kakap saus tiram. Very good taste and a very big portion for a girl! waw!
I love the Interior Design! Such a Country Side with Sun Flowers everywhere!
Sunny & Green Front Side

2nd Destination : go to Cizz Cafe to buy Raspberry Cheesecake as my Birthday Cake! (Photos will be apload soon!)

3rd Destination : go to Amazone, Carrefour, Kiara Condong to join LoRD Weekly Competition and to celebrate LoRD 1st Anniversary and also my 23rd Bithday with Fellas. (Photos will be apload soon!)

4th Destination : go to BIP because my Boyf want to buy me a Birthday Gift. But too bad what he want to buy was SOLD OUT, and he promise me to looking for it in another Store. (It's OK, babe) :)

5th Destinatin : I don't know actually where he would bring me.. after a loooong drive we have finally arrive and I surprised we are in one well design Cafe on Dago Hill, Bandung. LISUNG CAFE. What amazing view from here! We can see the City Light around from up here. But too bad I don't have any good Camera to shoot it. And we just take some pictures of us.

Nasi Panggang Koempeni (with mozarella!)

Gusta Italiano Steak (with Fettucine)

Lisung Breeze & Rock Star
Lisung Breeze

And this was our last photo shoot.

6th Destination : Go home to Jatinangor... Good Night and Have a nice Dream, people..

The happiest girl,