Saturday, January 25, 2014

Singapore Trip Day 3

Okay, lets continue the post!

Singapore is not a big country to explore, but indeed 3days is not enough anyway.. Day 3 we decided to go to Marina Bay Sand and its famous Merlion Statue. Of course it's a must to visit since you're in Singapore! <3 p="">
What I wore : 


Not so many pictures we could take there.. It was crowded. So many people come here to visit. Yeahs, of course because it was Saturday, weekend, full of tourists.. Btw, Before we leaving Singapore, we're goin back to Orchard to shop one more time, a lil bit.. Chinese New Year Sale made me crazy! If I'd be given moooore time to shop, maybe I'll got an excess baggage when I'm home. Thanks to limited time. TT_TT

Here (part) what I've got from the hunting :

This pair of shoes are the best deal after all! 70% on sale by Topshop! It was only 30SGD! Yayness!

 And you know what.. at that time my Bf was wearing those-look-alike-kind-of shoes that he bought in UK. So surprised, we have a-look-alike-shoes to wear.. love it! <3 p="">

Okay, almost finished with Day 3.. leaving Singapore at 9 pm and enjoying the airport while waiting for boarding. See you on the next trip! ^o^ 

As I promise you guys, here I give you bit review about the Hostel we stay : Name it B88 Hostel at Jalan Besar, Singapore. We spent only for 16SGD/night include breakfast. The place is clean and homie. Nice decoration and comfortable. Important is, free wifi access. :)

 Nice decoration for young! Very creative and unique!

Nice living room. There's a TV and kitchen set too.

Unique corner design. 

Dorm style for beds.. these are good for backpacker like me, but not for family travelling together. Because you'll sleep in this dorm and share the room with the other backpackers. The Bathrooms are also shared. but don't worry they're just sooo clean. Nice experience that I spent 2 nights in here. :)

 Birds cage as bookshelf! It was never cross my mind. :D

Happy Weekend dear all!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Singapore Trip Day 1 & 2

It is already 2014! Time flies so real fast, since my last post was on 2012! hahaha. Feel sorry about it :p
I don't write any post for year, not only because I'm busy (I was) but I also had a trouble with my Laptop. It is just too old but I still don't want to change it to the new one. It's already accompanied me for moooore than 5 years! It feels like my Laptop already become a part of my soul..hehehe. And the other side, I lost my camera months ago.. It brokes me heart.. That's why I didn't feel so excited to write anything.. :(

Btw, I would like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 to all of you, awesome bloggers! (even it's too late) I wish you guys always stay happy, become a better person and success for life (all kind of life).. ameen! ^0^
I just thinking to keep my blog up to date (just like I did before). I miss my day that I spent to write on my blog. I miss my daily snaps. and I miss to tell what-just-happened-today. So, this is my very first post on 2014. 

Last week I spent 3 days visited Singapore with my friends, Bf, and his Mom n Sister.. Yeah, holiday on mid January. I wish I could have the same holiday with the others, like Christmas and New Years eve, but unfortunately I have to work on public holiday. Yes, remembering that I still working on a Hospitality Company.. Anyway, good is I still can have my own holiday! Yay!

Day 1.. Safe landed at Changi Airport and directly go to Hostel. Yes, a Hostel, the nice one I found on internet last month. Nice price for a backpacker like me. I will make a review later. hehe.

Bugis Street. You'll find low price things to buy here, if you really mind to shopping in Singapore. This is a recommended place to shop! We just spent a day here and at the Mall nearby. 

At night, I went to Orchard road to meet up with friends who lives here. Walking along the street and chit chat with full of laugh.. I like the atmosphere in Singapore. Clean, fresh and friendly.. ^o^

Here what I wore at Day 1 :

Day 2.. Me, my friends, and my Bf decided to go to Universal Studio Singapore. Yes, the famous USS. We woke up early that day so we can enjoy USS from it opened till it closed. We're having so much fun!

The Famous Globe of USS.. haha


Big Dinner after all!! Heil Food!! ^o^

At Night we're walking along the riverside. Clarke Quay. Very nice place!

What I wore at Day 2 :

I guess that's enough for today.. Due to I have a midnight shift to work. Yeah, working again and again.. I'll continue my last day in singapore and the Hostel review.. Ciao!

Happy Weekend!