Friday, January 27, 2017

Hong Kong Day 1

Hallooo.. It’s been awhile since my last post..hehe. Busy with my official 9 hours work and 24 hours online-thrift-shop, today I want to share my last December trip to Hongkong with my hubby.. I’ve got a round trip ticket from hubby as my birthday gift on last May. Haha. It’s okay actually, as we can prepared all cost we need to spent during the trip. :D

November and early December was a perfect time to go to Hong Kong I guess. The weather was nice, the sun shine so bright, cold and fresh, a bit cloudy and windy, no rain and no fog. It was an early Winter and I love it soo much. Me and hubby really had a gooood time together, as we hadn’t go out for 6months since our last trip to Singapore on last May. Hihihi. So, let’s the journey begin. We stayed in Tsim Sha Tsui area Hongkong for 4 nights and pre-booked a room via . We arrived in Hongkong midnight and took the Bus to TST. First before we took the Bus, we need to buy an octopus card which can be topped up n be used for all transportation in Hongkong such Busses and MTR (Metro Train Rapid). We took A21 Bus to Hung Hom, which operate up to 1AM everyday, and stop at Nathan Road, where our hotel was. Night Bus trip was only about an hour from HKIA, but longer on day time due the traffic.

So, Day 1 in Hongkong we decided to go around the city. As we only travelled for two, the time was more flexible than we travel with more people. No rush and no need exact itinerary, cause we could change our mind of what we’re going to do. Don’t forget to take the city and MTR map if you don’t want to get lost haha! We ate breakfast at Hotel and went outside around 9 am. There’s so many nearest sightseeing actually, but we only go to the famous Victoria Harbour, and Victoria Peak. The nearest MTR is the East Tsim Sha Tsui, stopped here and follow the direction on the wall of an exit Map, If I’m not forget, take the exit J.  We just need to took 10 mins walk to get here from the Hotel. Walking is healthy, right? Haha

Loving this view so muchhh and thank you to a young Japanese Couple who took this pic. 

There’s a clock tower as a landmark in Hong Kong. Still at the same area of Victoria Harbour. Strolling around in the morning was better because it was not so many people. And we can take photo without fully people as its background. hehehe

By the way, in Day 1, it was a must that we go to Shun Tak Centre (Transport Complex, more look like a shopping mall) to change our voucher trip that we bought online via . We planned to go to Macau on Sunday, but the voucher need to be changed to a real ticket on office hour at the travel counter at 3rd floor of Shun Tak Centre. Good news was, we’re going to depart from here to go to Macau. We just knew the port is here and it would be easier for us to find the port in the morning soon we’re going to on board the TurboJet. Hihihi. After we've got the tickets we went to Victoria Peak to enjoy the 360 degree City panoramic views of Hong Kong. Now it's named Sky Terrace 428. We bought the Sky Pass including the Peak Tram roundtrip tickets at the Peak Tram Station.


Soooo windy up there and a bit difficult to took an #ootd pics. hahaha :p

People said we should go back to Victoria Harbour in the evening, because we can enjoy one of the most famous attraction in the city, Symphony of lights. And yes, we’re going baack and enjoy a short night here, it was too windy to spent time longer, and we dicided to go back to the Hotel to had dinner and took a rest as we had to woke up early at the next day. Hehehe

Day 1 is done and to be continued to my post of Day 2. Please check out my video in my youtube channel about Day 1 in Hong Kong. Psssttt.. this is my first vlogging-try. I’m still newbie.. Hope you enjoy.. hihihi :D

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Vihara Vipassana Graha

I do love Indonesia, love to travel, love to enjoy many kind of new things. Cause of work (the only reason), the only refreshing option is do city travelling. Which is the only -reachable-travel-destination for me and le hubby for now..haha. 

Okay, readers, this time I'll share me time travelling (again) in Bandung.. I know, I know, another great place to visit, to spent with our loveliest.. ^,^ There's a Vihara, named Vipassana Graha, located at Jl. Kolonel Masturi Nr. 69, Lembang, Jawa Barat. This place is a bit hide and we won't see the building from the Road, because it has a big fence in front of it and we have to pass through the security guard to enter. This place located direct in front of Kampung Legok (the one you can see from the road with a big badge. It will make you easier to reach the Vihara).

When you reach the Vihara, you don't have to say what's your purpose to the security guard. Because the last time I went there, they didn't ask for it. Just in case they ask you, just tell them that you're only going to visit. It just happen when there's an event at the time you come. 

To enter the Vihara is free of charge. But there's some rules that we have to know, first we can't wearing shorts or mini skirts as this is a holy worship place for Buddhists. Second, we have to keep the area clean and do not make some noise. Do respect for all people who pray here.. :)

**Special this photo I got randomly from the internet since I couldn't get a good spot to take pic like this when I was there.. poor me -,-
Vihara Vipassana Graha, Lembang, Bandung
When me and le Hubby enter the Vihara area, there's a group of students selling roses around for charity (just forgot what kind of charity they told us). Cause of the charity, le hubby bought me the red rose. yess, a flower!. He never give me bouquette of flowers at all, until that day he gave me one. hahaha he's soooo far from romantic. :p

Here are some photos we took.. 

Vihara Vipassana Graha, Lembang, Bandung
Vihara Vipassana Graha, Lembang, Bandung
The white elephants, Vihara Vipassana Graha, lembang Bandung

Feeling girly yet edgy for the weekend..
What I wore :

Pencil Skirt - Moussy
Black Top - Uniqlo
Bag - Rotelli
Shoes - Docmart by H&M

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Jump the Jumper

My second singapore outfit was wearing jumper, heels and again the floppy hat. Totally comfy with this outfit to walk all day.. but not the heels to wear all day long, kind of creepy and it will hurts my feet so much. But why i wearing heels? well, it makes me looks more shapy, you know, it will pull up your bottom and make body in the right way to be more sexy i guess :p.. I just wear it to walk around the mall indoor and will change it to my all-time-fave boots to walk around the city.. 

I was looking for a cold fresh air and had lunch in Sentosa Island Mall with le Hubby and he took me this pics.. :)

What I wore :

Jumper - Uniqlo
Blouse Top - H&M
Heels - Bellagio
Floppy Hat - Cotton On
Sunnies - Ray Ban Aviator


Monday, June 6, 2016

Floppy Lady

Welcome June! Today is fasting day first of Ramadhan Khareem.. Wish you people who celebrate get a bless of Allah and always be protected in a good way.. Btw, I did so many photo shoots in my last trip to Singapore with le Hubby, but seriously I only got chance today to share, since we joined garage sale/flea market/bazaar lately.. It's been month since we started to choose offline market after online. A lot of experiences and fun being enterpreneur as my side job.. hehe

Okay, 2 weeks a go at May 20th-22nd me and le Hubby did a short weekend gateway to Singapore. Why? Because it was my birthdayyyy..yay! Even we didn't celebrate in a romantic way, I just felt sooo happy to had such a nice couple trip in the middle of busy-ness.. hehe. Thanks to you le Hubby.. :D

Here about my first ootd pics, with a silk flare blue dress, docs, and floppy hat.. Felt it was so 'me' haha

Short review about this, we were going to Garden by the Bay to enjoy the beauty of a nature. This place is amazing! we're enjoy the front side very much! So clean and pretty.. You don't have to pay the entry fee to playing around here, unless you want to had a tour around the garden or even enter the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.. Thumbs up! 


What I wore :

Flare Dress - Second Fashion (my garage sale shop)
Black Boots - Docs by H&M
Sunnies - Thomb Browne
Backpack - Hongkong



Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Paint the Flower

It's been awhile since my last post because I had some trouble with the internet connection lately. I only can use wifi but not the cellular network, even the data was already on. I know wifi is everywhere, but indeed I didn't bring my laptop or Ipad everywhere and everytime though. haha. The trouble was come from the cell network and It just repaired yesterday by the cell provider it self. Of course I had to call the CS first to report. Well it's sucks when we trapped without an internet somehow. sigh.

So.. in this post, I'll share my rare time wearing long dress for a dinner. Btw this was my Saturday night dinner with family during the long weekend. There's 2 days public holiday in Indonesia which make it a long weekend started from Thursday until Sunday last week. I didn't go anywhere. why? one word to answer, Working.. Le hubby didn't complain about this, I thought he could be jeleous with the others who can travel on this long weekend, but he wasn't. He stayed. Asked me for dinner with my family, he want me to not envy with others, and so I'm not getting bored for this working-time-on-public-holiday, he said. Thank you so much.. :D

Spent last Saturday night at Pondok Indah Mall Jakarta, me and my fam decided to choose Tjap Toean Resto. It was random because sooo many cafes n restos are full of people. Only this one was empty. Without a long discuss we took seats for us and order. Seriously, the taste wasn't good enough if compared with the prices. It was overprices For a so-so taste. Well, I know this will happen from the beginning, but It was okay with the ambience. An old design is cute. Le hubby took many pics freely since there's no one else besides us. It was quite enough to replace our disappointed to the food. We weren't buy the food, but the ambience. hehe :)

Okay, about the outfit I wore, still wearing docs boots but in the different way, mixed with  bodyfit long dress, with a front slit. Felt a bit weird but seriously, it's gonna be my fave style. haha. Bold and girly at the same time. :)

What I wore :

Dress - Bangkok
Shoes - Docmart
Bag - Louis Vuitton
Bracelet - Cotton On