Monday, June 6, 2016

Floppy Lady

Welcome June! Today is fasting day first of Ramadhan Khareem.. Wish you people who celebrate get a bless of Allah and always be protected in a good way.. Btw, I did so many photo shoots in my last trip to Singapore with le Hubby, but seriously I only got chance today to share, since we joined garage sale/flea market/bazaar lately.. It's been month since we started to choose offline market after online. A lot of experiences and fun being enterpreneur as my side job.. hehe

Okay, 2 weeks a go at May 20th-22nd me and le Hubby did a short weekend gateway to Singapore. Why? Because it was my birthdayyyy..yay! Even we didn't celebrate in a romantic way, I just felt sooo happy to had such a nice couple trip in the middle of busy-ness.. hehe. Thanks to you le Hubby.. :D

Here about my first ootd pics, with a silk flare blue dress, docs, and floppy hat.. Felt it was so 'me' haha

Short review about this, we were going to Garden by the Bay to enjoy the beauty of a nature. This place is amazing! we're enjoy the front side very much! So clean and pretty.. You don't have to pay the entry fee to playing around here, unless you want to had a tour around the garden or even enter the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.. Thumbs up! 


What I wore :

Flare Dress - Second Fashion (my garage sale shop)
Black Boots - Docs by H&M
Sunnies - Thomb Browne
Backpack - Hongkong