Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blue Rain

It is Blue and it is gonna Rain.. :)



Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Healthy Life

Today is a thankfull Saturday. I am feeling soooo very well and not sick anymore.. yeah!
Thanks God for the health you give to me and I swear I will do a healthy better life after this.
After I'm feeling so well, suddenly I think about my old bike in Darmstadt.
It was my very best friend as long as I live in there last year.
I just remember that I (alhamdulillah) never got sick in there, 
because I always riding my bike anywhere I go.
Walking and riding a bike are the best simply healthy things.
When people said they don't have any time to do any sport, which can make them healthy,
walking is the best choice, man!
 So, don't you ever say that you sick because you don't have any time to do any sport.
Just.. Walking! It is very simple and very good for your health! :)

Anyway, I want to share me and my old bike's pictures in a garage ^__^

 Hey, I wear my glasses during Photo shoots (I just seldom do that) :p
Shirt, Jeans, Jacket, Shoes are my simply n comfy outfit.
 And this was my Style (outfit) when I go to school VHS (Volk Hoch Schule). 

Keep healthy, dear people! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm sick

It has been 4 days I continue my Thesis writing. And now I'm totally sick because of  too tired.
I do bed rest since yesterday, and I've got no power to wake up from my bed.
oh, God please take this sickness.. I want to finish my study soon.. amen.. :(

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Prayer

Hello people.. Today I'm continuing (again) write my Thesis.
It is totally hard in translation of the Methode and Theory! aarrghhhh
I wish I can do it well and finish my Study as soon as possible (amen)
p.s : Writing a thesis is as hard as making an awesome look! :)

The Dress

Scarf from Hermes
Currently in love to wear this shoes with any colors of socks :)
The Jacket
The Bag..



Friday, September 16, 2011

Steady Go!

Hey there.. Today I just watching Captain America the Movie in 21Theatre..
But I don't know, just lil bit disappointed with the story.
Not so awesome like another super hero movies, I just feels like this movie is too dedicated for children :(

 Before watching : make some photo shoot! :  \^o^/

 Red Bowler Hat from H&M, Red Bag from Primark, Kitty Red Sweater, second hand Skirt
Black Shoes from H&M

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sky is the limit

 Play with colors.. Blue and soft Pink are nice combination.  I (only) think.. ^____^
And now I realize that I already had a long hair! yay! :p
 Location : BSM Parking Area/Drop off Area (in front of Trans Studio)
Jump high and say hi!
  Stuff of the day : ANGKLUNG Necklace!
I love my blue knitted sweater ^___^
  My Diner : Satai.. yummmmmmmy! 
And hellooooooo people... please hype me on Lookbook :)
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