Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Asymetrical Clothing

My other's Fashion Tips on Gogirl! Magz Web..
Trend Watch : Asymmetrical Clothes

Thanks a lot Gogirl! Team to showed up my Fashion Tips..^^

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our 4 years Togetherness

Happy 4th Anniversary,dear Boyfriend..^^
Thank you so so so much for everything you gave to me, for your love, kindness, patient, and all..
Special wish and pray from him to me.."In 2 years, with God bless, I'll end up our relationship into a real serious relationship, Marriage." O my God.. There's nothing makes me happier than his words. :)
We're having diner at Azzura Sip and Dine, Paris Van Java Mall
As always, the Drinks come first.. Going Banana and Azzura's Potion
Chunky Bar Chocolate special edition: Valentine.
Azzura's Potion : Lemonade+Lyche+Strawberry+Soda.. so freshy! 
 Anyway, I always choose any Cafe/Resto with awesome design. Azzura is a great Cafe with Ship&Sailor theme, they're gorgeus ^^

 Surf and Turf Steak, with blackpepper sauce.. very large portion and worth it..
Cheese Baked Rice with Cream Sauce,,argh, it is sooo delicious!

This is what I wear for our Valentine+Anniversary's Day :

Happy happy day,

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, all you lovely fellas..
This year I didn't celebrate the lovely day Valentine's Day.( just like I did for 4 years)
Why? because the day after Val's Day is me and me Boyfie's Anniversary!
Sooo..we celebrate our Valentine's Day and our Anniversary in 15th February. hahaha ^^

Today I just made my own Valentine Nail Design.
Unbranded Nailpolish :)
My Valentine Nail Art Design
Valentine Nail Art

Monday, February 13, 2012

Fashion Tag of the Week

It's a pleasure I was chosen as one of the best fashion tag of the week on Gogirl! Web Magazine ^^
 So, Gogirl! team will choose one best fashion tag of the month and give a special gift to the winner.
And then Gogirl! team will also choose one best fashion tag of the year from all the winner each month.
The winner will get a very special shopping trip to Hongkong for free! yay!

For whoever want to join this competition, just open their Site and upload your best fashion outfit.
Click HERE to a direct link.. :)
I wish I can win this competition,amen ^^

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ich vermisse Deutschland!

Dear Germany..You know how much I miss you right now..
It's already 2 years ago since I left Germany as an Aupair Girl. One year lived in there became a one big experience I've ever had.Hopefully I can reach you (again) if I had a chance ^^ 

Oh,because I suddenly I miss Germany, I had an idea of makin Germany's Flag Nail Art.
It's so simple and catchy. :)
German Nails Art
And another thing that I remember, is Leather Jacket!
Why? I don;t know, I just love spring and fall season in Germany. It just, looks so different.
And I wear this jacket almost in any ocassion in these season :)
 This was the last time I wear it. When I was looking for a gift for my mom (such souvenir about Germany)
 wear it with red pants or tutu and heels ^^
 what I mostly wore to go to School of German Language :)
It is not so real good to wear such a leather jacket in Indonesia,especially in Jakarta.
Jakarta is forever Summer :(

Have a nice day,guys..

Friday, February 3, 2012


I know this is February, and I admit it that purple is perfect in this month.
(because I am not into pink lovers too much) ^^
 And this is the Nails Art I made.
My Name! sorry for a lil'bit narcism ^^

Have a great day, ^^

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Little Princess

Another Photo shoots in my Boyfie's room.
But sorry for the bad Pict quality :(

What I wear : Mango ruffle top, Tommy Hilfiger skirt, and unbranded socks :)

It seems like my Laptop hardisk memory is almost full, so I decided to buy an external hardisk :p
So, It is Samsung 500Gb with Stitch Nitendo DS Pouch ^^ 
And oh, I wanna thank you to you fellas, who already following my blog.
I'm soooo happy, and glad to meet new people with the same passion.. 

Have a nice day, fellas ^^