Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ich vermisse Deutschland!

Dear Germany..You know how much I miss you right now..
It's already 2 years ago since I left Germany as an Aupair Girl. One year lived in there became a one big experience I've ever had.Hopefully I can reach you (again) if I had a chance ^^ 

Oh,because I suddenly I miss Germany, I had an idea of makin Germany's Flag Nail Art.
It's so simple and catchy. :)
German Nails Art
And another thing that I remember, is Leather Jacket!
Why? I don;t know, I just love spring and fall season in Germany. It just, looks so different.
And I wear this jacket almost in any ocassion in these season :)
 This was the last time I wear it. When I was looking for a gift for my mom (such souvenir about Germany)
 wear it with red pants or tutu and heels ^^
 what I mostly wore to go to School of German Language :)
It is not so real good to wear such a leather jacket in Indonesia,especially in Jakarta.
Jakarta is forever Summer :(

Have a nice day,guys..


  1. Germany is such an amazing country!! I miss there a lot too even though it's been only 2 months since I last left haha

    1. I admit it. it is too lovely about Germany.
      hope that we can back there, Diane ^^

    2. I hope too!! Btw here is the link I have for the DIY shorts!! Enjoy :) -> Here <-

  2. Your nails look great! And the jacket looks lovely, but it's a pity you can't wear it often because of Jakarta's climate

    1. thanks Shen.. I made it spontaneously ^^
      I know Jakarta is too hot for a Jacket, esp. leather jacket :(
      I miss Germany a lot..

  3. Hey, Du! Ich vermisse dich.... wo bist du, Juki?!!

  4. I like how u put the nailpolish..
    love ur look

    I have a "delicious giveaway" - win a abataba jewellery on my blog.


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