Thursday, March 15, 2018

One Day in MACAU

Welcome back blogging! Here I want to share my last trip to Macau when in Hongkong. (Countinuing my travel to HK at the previous post. It's kinda weird if you look back the time :p)

Day one strolling around the city of HK and planned to go to Disneyland at day two and Macau at day three.. The night before Day 2, we decided to change our plan. We changed Macau trip at Day 3 into Day 2.. As we’ve got our TurboJet tickets, and just realized that the staff at the travel counter ever said that the tickets can be used anyday except Public holiday. So, Day 2 in the morning we were going back to Shun Tak Centre, the port of travel to Macau using TurboJet. We’ve been there around 7am in the morning, Checked in, and got our Boat scheduled at 07.30am. Passanger will get their schedule based on availablity. The trip across the Island was about an hour. And we arrived at Macau Ferry Terminal around 8.30am. Sooo earlyyy.. :D

I googled from the internet about the transportation in Macau. There were free tourism busses we can take if we want to strolling around the island. We were looking for this kind of busses, and we found them after wrong way waiting public busses at the different side of station.hehehe. And you know what, free tourism busses were true, but, they’re ride only to one place and back to Macau Ferry Terminal bus Station. It’s kind a difficult if we took this bus to one place and back to terminal and took another bus to one other place and back again to terminal and so on and so on.. So not effective. Sigh.. We went to the Tourist information inside the Terminal to ask wether there’s another tourist transportation. The staff advised us to take the City tour Bus and Okay we agreed as we only did one day trip in Macau. We went to the Travel counter and buy 2 tickets. It was an open top bus, we can hop on and hop off at any stop they’ve scheduled and ride another open top bus.

First Stop was The Grand Lisboa.

Second Stop was The Ruin of St.Paul and take a walk around the Senado Square. A small city with a vintage Portuguese kind of style.

Midday was time for lunch.. We tried the famous Macau egg tart, soooo yummy, but the place was so crowded at the time, lunch in the holiday season, perfect long qeue everywhere.. hahaha. Btw we had our lunch box prepared from the hotel, as we know that it  would be hard for us to find no-pork meals. Plus, every restaurant was almost fully reserved by everyone.. :p

After lunch we decided to hop on the open top bus again at the place we’d stop before. We enjoyed one more round city  tour. We’re not stopped at every sightseeing in Macau, but we enjoy all of them from the open top bus, Cause we had a great time together. Talks, jokes, laughs, kisses. I was happy.. ^.^

Next stop was the fisherman’s wharf. Actually we saw it as the first stop scheduled by the tour, but we skipped it and went direct to the Grand Lisboa. As we still had time to wait the bus to go to venetian at 2pm, we stopped here to look around. This place is quite interesting, because it’s look like a little colloseum in Rome, Italy. Hehehe

Last destination was The Venetian Macau. It reminds me of the real Venice, Italy. I was there for a Christmas holiday in Desember when I stayed in Germany for one year.. The Venetian Macau designed as the mirror of Venice, Italy, but I just knew inside of this building is a high class shopping mall. Beside the Venetian area, there's Parisian, yeah of course there’s miniature of Eiffel Tower, indeed there’s a mall too.. Hehe Malls everywhere..


Here's the most elegant hotel include casino in Macau after the Grand Lisboa. Gold everywhere.. I guess they love gold, cause it represent as  a prosperity.. 

Actually we were not visit all of the Sightseeing here in Macau, but by using the hop on bus, we passed through all of them. We did stops for awhile and enjoyed the place from the top of the bus.. Well.. That's all for Macau.. Next is Disneyland!

Thank you!