Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy Fasting 2014

Welcome Ramadhan month this year.. I thank you so much God that you still give me a chance to join this holly month.. We started at 28th June and it is already 18 fasting days.. Eid Mubarak counting down 12 more days. Yay! I wish you guys (moeslem) have a great and fabulous Ramadhan this year. May God bless our life now and ahead.. amin :)

It's already become a tradition in Indonesia (or maybe in any other moslem country too)tohave a together breakfasting time with people around like family, friends, colleague,/ the most people you've been long time no see. We use this moment to have a togetherness like reunion. But in this Ramadhan I don't have so many chance to do this due to my shiftingwork. Good is, I had one day off working at last Sunday and I decided to meet up with friends and have a breakfasting time together.hehehe. *happy* And of course I arranged to do #ootd shoots too! :D 

Breakfasting time at Fook Yew, Grand Indonesia 3A floor an asian (chinese) cuisine resto. Took snaps before the whole friends comin. And we were not allowed to be a gadget-holic during our togetherness. Just wanna have a quality time talking about anything and laughing loud. :D

 Give a chance to play on tab before friends comin :p

Happy beautiful fasting guys!! :)