Friday, April 29, 2011

Midnite Appetizer

It is too late at night to have some Dinner, dear.. but I already had Dinner few hours ago. This Night, almost morning actually 00.30 AM, I had a craze Hunger after all! So I bought some Food at that time, but not the main menu like we usually eat for Dinner.. Big portion of two kinds Martabak! YAY! An Egg Martabak and Cheese Martabak.. and I ate them not less than 30 Minutes.. hahahahahahaha.. Like a Monster! :D
Martabak Telor!

Martabak Keju

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Die Marienkäfern sind auf meine Nagel!!!! :p

Chacha Chocolate Candy My Favourite!!!

Today's pictures I take by self and I edited in Cellophane..
It's a Yayness! :D

p.s I must do my Homework actually.. Oyeah I'll do it after this..
Bubye.. hehehe

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

D for Dress

Oke there are few Dresses I've got when I was in Pasar Senen with Mommy.. 3 Dresses and 1 Jacket.. :)
p.s: This blue Dress was the last thing I found and it is the best I think :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Loooong Weekend

We're not planning any specials to do this loong loong Weekend, because we're just tired to make some dates or trips or something else we're routines do. We had just a Friend's Wedsparty and Japan Festival in our Campus schedules in Sunday. So in the past 2 days we're not going anywhere. Oo yeah, I woke up this morning with a Breakfast served by lovely Boyfie..Thank You so much dear you.. :)

We're wearing Batik and Kebaya in the same colour :)

After the Wedsparty we're going to our Campus to see Japan Festival. We're not just two, we're coming with some Friends too.. And we're take some Pictures there (of course)..

Praying to the same God but in many different way..

Fruit Icey looks fresh in a sunny day, right? :p

There was Cosplay too! I'm not interrest anyway but I take Pictures of them all in candid.. Anyway, I don't know what Character they are..

Thursday, April 21, 2011


A woman is like a tea bag, you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water. -Eleanor Roosevelt
With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. -Eleanor Roosevelt
Happy Kartini's Day


Happy Long Weekend

dear People..

Have a nice Weekend ^_^

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In the Zoo

It is Zoo Time!!!.. We are visiting Bandung National Zoo this afternoon.. It was a little rainy that time, but it doesn't matter anyway.. :)

Zebra Zebri

Lunch Box .. Self made Bento..

My Lovely Boyfie..Thanks soooo much for today.. Love you :-*

Hippopotamus! How big you are, but unseen, you're under water..heuuu

it hope for something to received.. (do not feeding them! the sign said so..)

Brazilian Turtles..they're so cuteee to stay not in the water with togetherness..hahaha

Sumatera Elephants!

The Tiger was so lazy down there... huffft...

And finally he got tired after a long walk around the Zoo.. :)

And today's best thing goes to Merak Tail.. That was Beautiful Insane!! :p

Monday, April 18, 2011

Essen Eat Makan

Today's Feeding Time!!!! ^_^

Pringles and Rootbeer

Bolu Panggang from Solo

Cakue Cheese mayonaise

ITB Student Orchestra

Mahagita Nusantara
Alunan Simfoni Indonesiaku

Saturday, 16th April 2011
This Event proudly present by ITB Student Orchestra to celebrate their 6th years Anniversary at Taman Budaya, Dago Tea House. They played many Indonesian Traditional Folk songs and National songs too. And the music are getting re-arranged to be more classy and jazzy. The Orchestra collaborated with another Units like Maha Gotra Ganesha (MGG), ITB Choir (ITBC), Marching Band Waditra Ganesha (MBWG), and Keluarga Paduan Angklung (KPA). What a wonderful!

The Show Stage

Mahagita Nusantara Handbook

Me, Boyfie, Krisna, Adimas

Sasha and Abi

Friday, April 15, 2011

Shopashop Time

A bad news comes from my aunt : Today I visited her in RSAB Harapan Kita Jakarta after her baby born.. I'm so sorry that the baby died because of an abnormal heart... And this is her second time she lost her baby after born.. Be patient aunt, we know God always with us.. :(


After visiting her, I go to Pasar Senen with Mommy.. Actually we don't planned this destination before.. And you know what I've got from today's unpredictable hunting? here they are :

  • 1 armless white floral long dress
  • 1 soft brown brookat middle dress
  • 1 dark blue mini party dress
  • 1 smooth (like) silk polka peach jacket
  • 1 brown leather bag!
And I just spent only 140 thousand Rupiahs for all these super items! hell yeah!! :p
FYI, there was only few people shopping and I felt comfy with the situation like that.. But unfortunately we have to berdesak - desakkan to get into Trans Jakarta Bus. That was so crowded and so many people in the Bus! I had to stand all the time on my way back home for more than an hour.. *sigh

This is the brown leather bag I said...
And the other pictures will uploaded soon as I can :p

Happy smart shopping,



Night, the time to rest
Night to party is the best
Night, the time family sits together
Night if special one remembers forever
Night, is to dream
Night, when beautiful looks the stream
Night is to talk
It is the time the subconscious rocks

Night, when silent is the sea
Night, when also sleeping are the trees
Night, when high is the crime
Still Night is the only of its kind..

pain is the only thing that tells me that I'm still alive