Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In the Zoo

It is Zoo Time!!!.. We are visiting Bandung National Zoo this afternoon.. It was a little rainy that time, but it doesn't matter anyway.. :)

Zebra Zebri

Lunch Box .. Self made Bento..

My Lovely Boyfie..Thanks soooo much for today.. Love you :-*

Hippopotamus! How big you are, but unseen, you're under water..heuuu

it hope for something to received.. (do not feeding them! the sign said so..)

Brazilian Turtles..they're so cuteee to stay not in the water with togetherness..hahaha

Sumatera Elephants!

The Tiger was so lazy down there... huffft...

And finally he got tired after a long walk around the Zoo.. :)

And today's best thing goes to Merak Tail.. That was Beautiful Insane!! :p

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