Sunday, April 24, 2011

Loooong Weekend

We're not planning any specials to do this loong loong Weekend, because we're just tired to make some dates or trips or something else we're routines do. We had just a Friend's Wedsparty and Japan Festival in our Campus schedules in Sunday. So in the past 2 days we're not going anywhere. Oo yeah, I woke up this morning with a Breakfast served by lovely Boyfie..Thank You so much dear you.. :)

We're wearing Batik and Kebaya in the same colour :)

After the Wedsparty we're going to our Campus to see Japan Festival. We're not just two, we're coming with some Friends too.. And we're take some Pictures there (of course)..

Praying to the same God but in many different way..

Fruit Icey looks fresh in a sunny day, right? :p

There was Cosplay too! I'm not interrest anyway but I take Pictures of them all in candid.. Anyway, I don't know what Character they are..

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