Friday, September 12, 2014

Next Big Thing

These pictures are taken on Monday, days ago. In an hour going back home after midnight shift working till noon. With a sleepy panda eyes and really only wish to had a bed time directly, le Fiance want me to had an #ootd shoots! Yeahs, not as usual he asked me for shoots, I was not in a mood because I felt so tired and sleepy. But I'd agree to took some shoots near the work place a.k.a the Airport because he said that I did a bit dressed up for work. And he brought me also my old Camera as a property. Yeah, why not baby? So seldom happen that you're the one who asked for shoots my #ootd firstly. And of course I didn't want to look at the camera when he shooted, because it was only will show off how big my panda eyes.. :)) 


I was not wearing any particular outfit that day, yes, because I know he'll picked me up after work. but trully not in a mood for some shoots. Surely need to thanks to you, baby, because of you I have something to write on my blog, even not at the day those pictures are taken. heehehe. ^o^v

Monday, September 1, 2014

Yellow after Black&White

New post from me.. yeah. I do really trying to maintain blogging like an old times. hehe  #ootd -ing at Gandaria City Mall when meeting up with friendssss and the pics taken by a friend of mine. Something yellow on my Black and White outfit, why not..? :) 

Btw, In loooove with this Midi Skirt by H&M sooo muchAnd I'm looking for its mates since I looked at somebody's pic on instagram with pair of top and skirt in this pattern. Badly I just found the skirt at H&M Store Grand Indonesia weeks ago, and tried to look for the top at the Store here, but I've got nothing. *sigh* Could you please tell me if you know where I can find the top (in Indonesia) ? *o*

Really want to ask her, but too bad the user account of the instagram is not from Indonesia :(

Okay, the Top will be on my list for my next search.. Sooo, while waiting all friends came up, me and a friend took a coffee break at Mrs.Fields Cafe and still at the same mall. Have tried the Red Velvet Latte and it was so good! And of course we took another selfie pics.. Thanks to you darla.. :D

Midi Skirt by H&M
Glasses by Prooptical 
Shoes by ig @adorableproject 
Gucci Bag by random ig shop
Chanel Top by random store
Chain Necklace by Cotton On

Meeting up with friends from Bandung in Jakarta this time was cool! an Almost complete team, more than 10 people joining us and booked a super vip Karaoke Room after having big dinner at Sushi Tei Resto! Hell yeah love you guys! and as the souvenirs from this meet up, I bought this cool charm and bracelet, The spikes and the disney one. Two different caracteristic but I just love them. :))