Friday, September 12, 2014

Next Big Thing

These pictures are taken on Monday, days ago. In an hour going back home after midnight shift working till noon. With a sleepy panda eyes and really only wish to had a bed time directly, le Fiance want me to had an #ootd shoots! Yeahs, not as usual he asked me for shoots, I was not in a mood because I felt so tired and sleepy. But I'd agree to took some shoots near the work place a.k.a the Airport because he said that I did a bit dressed up for work. And he brought me also my old Camera as a property. Yeah, why not baby? So seldom happen that you're the one who asked for shoots my #ootd firstly. And of course I didn't want to look at the camera when he shooted, because it was only will show off how big my panda eyes.. :)) 


I was not wearing any particular outfit that day, yes, because I know he'll picked me up after work. but trully not in a mood for some shoots. Surely need to thanks to you, baby, because of you I have something to write on my blog, even not at the day those pictures are taken. heehehe. ^o^v


  1. Your boyfriend is so sweet! So supportive!

  2. O my goodness you look so gorgeous! I am in love with your dress and accessories! <3

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