Friday, October 3, 2014

Picnic Frenzy

Welcome October! I don't know, i just feel happy to entering new month. :) Time flies so real fast peeps. And our wedding plans almost finish with another more this and that things. Wedding plan is always takes effort, thoughts, and time. Sometimes I feel stressed, indeed happy. Today I want to post another latepost from last Sunday. I was just bored with the city life, working, shopping, traffic, mall, stores, cafe, and so on.. As for my hardwork and the stressmind , le Fiance appreciates me with a refreshment! He planned to had me something natural. Yeahs, he brought me to had picnic with friends. Chit chat, laughing, eating snacks, and playing cards were good to be done! And here are some photos we took, also my #ootd wearing vintage dress and bag. :)


Thank you dear Fiance and friends! :)


  1. Great photos! I completely agree about time moving too fast. Sometimes I wish it would slow down so I could catch my breath lol.

  2. You guys such a cute couple. I love your boots dear

    fashion blogger

  3. nice pictures *_*


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