Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A year Postpone!

Hallo readers! Happy New Year 2016! I know it's too late to congratules since a my full year postpone on blogging.hehe btw I do really wish us a good prosperity, healthy, happy life n blessed along the year! :D

So many stories to tell. A lot of things happen in 2015 from good to bad, back to good and then another bad things happen circularly. One big headline last year was "I'm married!" woohoo! and yess, I'm married the one and only, best man I've ever be with.. The best man I knew since in college 8years ago.. 

To passed through this phase is not easy. Yes, to built a sincere commitment was never easy tho. So many dramas, family matters, tears, romance, and also blessing.. And here we are. We made it. Work out of our hard time together until the Big day was coming.. 😊

Thanks to Allah for everything we've been through and what we've got.. 


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