Tuesday, February 23, 2016

1st Anniversary

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary, and also our 8th years knowing each other. On this special day, we decided to have a simple dinner at the nearest-but-good-place from hubby's office in central Jakarta. The highest place in Jakarta, Skye Rooftop Bar and Resto. The place stated on Menara BCA Building level 56th. Short about our special day, we spent it with a long talk (even we still can do it at home). Cause we thought it is our day, so it's gonna be our talk, especially for our future. What's we goin to do this year ahead and so.. Time flies, people change, memories don't.. :)   

Here I want to share about our time enjoy sunset on the highest place in Jakarta. Also about the meals and the services. Monday, February 15th 2016, that evening, I picked up le Hubby at his office and go directly to Skye. We made no reservation before, because we knew it was Monday. As I search on the internet, you won't get any table on the weekend if you're not making any reservation before. The waiting list will be on the front desk if you come spontaneous. And so true.. we came and we can free choosing which table we want..

Oh.. few things to remember if you want to try this place : First, This place only allow people with proper clothes, like, dress and high heels for woman, and shirt, trousers, shoes for man. So, better prepare than be refused to entry.hehe. Second, there's 2 seperate dine in, so you have to choose, are you going to have light or heavy meals. From the front desk, go left if you only want to have light meals. Which mean the outdoor rooftop. Go right from the front desk if you prefer to have heavy meals, the indoor Restaurant.

It was bit confusing, since we want to have heavy meals but we can still enjoy the city light from the rooftop. Sigh. So we choose to have a table in a rooftop side first, as we want to enjoy the sunset, and than we're goin inside the Restaurant after the sun goes down as we were so hungry that time.. "Take it easy, it is Monday, there's still so many tables inside the Resto.", le Hubby said.. hahahaha

Skye Bar & Resto at Menara BCA level 56, Jakarta

Skye Bar & Resto at Menara BCA level 56, Jakarta
Skye Bar & Resto at Menara BCA level 56, Jakarta
These several photos are taken when the sun goes down.. (Sorry for the bad quality as we didn't prepared Digital camera) :p

Skye Bar & Resto at Menara BCA level 56, Jakarta

Drinks : Red Velvet and Something with choco Oreo, Dessert : Creme Brulee, Snack : Sweet Potato fries
Skye Bar & Resto at Menara BCA level 56, Jakarta
The Ambience is very good. Only the place is not so big. The light meals range starts from Rp.40.000 - Rp 150.000 (drinks and desserts). The service is so so, too difficult to call the waiter/s cause they’re so mobile/maybe busy. It wasn’t that busy actually since it was Monday as I said. But after we made order, they delivered the orders so quickly. Well, it’s good.. Btw if you’re beer/wine lovers, they have many kind here. Just asked the waiter/s if wanna have some. They will give you special drinks menu.

The Restaurant is good. It has a cozy and elegant ambience. A bit dark but meals are so good too.. Sorry we didn’t took any photos inside due to it was too dark and our camera phone is not good enough to capture things at night/dark indoor.. One thing, this was our time to spent without mobile phones. We kept the phones in our bags  and we can have them back when we’re going home.. So, talk to each others like a normal couple do.. :p 

Skye Bar & Resto at Menara BCA level 56, Jakarta

Okay, that’s all the review. Here I want to show my simple white plum dress, and the simple black heels I wore as #ootd .. The dress is a tweed, more like knitted, bit thick but warm.. J

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  1. Congratulation, both of you absolutely fabulous couple, wish you all the best. I have been to Jakarta several times, might go there again soon. I love your look, thank you for sharing!!!




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