Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pearls on my Collar

Since this cute accessories showed up, people will agree with me that fashion become more interesting..
As I promise you guys, now I'll show you my own DIY Collar. Another fashion blogger has made it her own, and it was inspiring me. Soooo, mine is already finish and ready to wear! 
Enjoy the steps! ^__^
DY Pearl Collar 1
A. You'll need paper, flanel, pearl chain, scissors, pencil+eraser, snap button.
B. Using thread&needle or fabric glue to attach pearls on flanel.
C-D. Folding the paper.
DY Pearl Collar 2
E. Draw half ouval on paper.
F. Draw half collar pattern.
G-H. Cut out the pattern. 
DY Pearl Collar 3
DIY Pearl Collar 4

I-J. Apply the paper collar pattern with flanel
K-L. Attach all pearl on flanel collar pattern (here I use thread&needle because I was lack of fabric glue)
M-N. Sew snap button and FINISH!

Those are all steps to make my own DIY Collar. And these are when I wear it :)

Pearl Collar - DIY
Stripes Top - GAP
Skirt - Unbranded
Happy DIY-ing....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I adore beautiful legs

Polka top - Short jeans - Pump shoes from

Polka Top - Unbranded
Short pants - Giordano
Sunglasses - Gucci

Today I managed to take some shoots of my outfit in a park (again). Since I don't have something to do, I made my own pearl collar at home. But I won't show you guys now because the collar is not finish yet. Hopefully it is ready to publish in my next post :p

Happy Tuesday! ^________^

Friday, May 25, 2012

Le Marly Pantry

Actually this post should be posted on May 18th, but I just have a chance to post it now...
I was invited to have diner with my Bf's mom and sister. It was a pleasure that we can get closer for each others. I already know his family since me and my Bf being together on our 2nd month. They're good and so nice. I am very happy to know them.. :)

Le Marly Pantry, Jl.Citarum Bandung, May 18 2012
Le Marly Pantry, Jl.Citarum Bandung, May 18 2012
 Drink Menu is on a bottle!

 Caramel Brulee

at Le Marly Pantry, Jl.Citarum Bandung, May 18 2012

La Pasta Lasagna.. yummy! :9
Tuna melt!
 Simple Outfit I wore :
Tosca Lace dress - Flea Market
Black Loose Shirt - Bf's
 Black Bag - Prada
Peep Toe - Vizzenza from Centro Dept.Store

Temple Garden

Quote of the day :
“Not diamond but heels are a girl’s best friend.”
- William Rossi -
Walking around and lazy time in Chinese temple garden..
Shiny Slim Black Blazer - Mango

Sunglasses - Gucci

Polka top - unbranded

Slim Shiny Trousers - Mango
Bag - Louis Vuitton (at Plaza Senayan)

Happy lazy-but-still-look-awesome-day! ^O^

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a pretty picnic

A pretty day with my lovely Bf. We're going to Taman Mini and walking around and photo shooting and having  a little picnic too! \(^o^)/ Yesterday was my 24th Birthday. It was so surprise that I got 2 packages at the same day. A new lotion product from Unilever, and my new baby from

These 160mm Beige Daffodile Pump are awesome! I am really happy that I can be their blogpartner.
You have to visit their web store, and if you're really have passion in fashion, I promise you guys that you'll be mouthwatering because of a lot of gorgeus fashion items in there..
These Pump are comfort to wear, even the heels are too high for me (because I already tall enough).
I just loooove them! \(^o^)/

Mini Vintage Dress - Plaza Senayan
Shorts Jeans - Giordano
Glasses - Gucci
160mm Beige Daffodile Pump -

I love to have a picnic! It was a long long time I didn't do it. Since I was super busy with my thesis I can't doing something I love as well..

Meet my Photographer of the day : Mr.Olinggha a.k.a my Bf :)

My old camera..<3

Thanks for today dear Bf.. Thanks for visiting me in Jakarta.. Warm regards for Bandung.. I'll visiting you back soon.. :)
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