Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today is my Birthday! yay... Thanks God for giving me a year longer to live, a year longer to be a better person, a year longer to make my life more meaningful and grateful.. 
Good is, that I receive 2 packages at the same time! They're such lovely presents I got this year! ^O^

They're just awesome and comfort to wear! pretty nice!
wohooooo  \(^O^)/

 New Citra Lotion from Unilever.

 Today I don't celebrate my Birthday with the whole family just like an old days. Only me and my Bf having diner in a Korean Food Restaurant, at  Mr.Park, Cilandak Town Square.

Bulgogi Bibimbab
Chicken Gochujang Set
He loves Caramel Iced Blended a lot! :)
I do prefer Fruit Punch rather than another :)

Shiny Slim Black Blazer - Mango
Pleated Shiny Dress - Centro Dept.Store
Vizzenza Peep Toe - Centro Dept.Store 
Brown Bag - Bonia
Have a nice Day! (^O^)


  1. Hi!

    You say that the shoes are comfortable for wearing, is that totally true? Don't they make you feel that you can break your ankles any second? I'm really loving the shoes and I want to buy them myself, but I'm really scared that they'll make my ankles really fragile.

    Lots of love from Holland,


    1. yes it is,sweetie.. I love those shoes so much.. they're fit me so well and I just feel great when I wear them. If you're used to wear high heels, then you'll be comfortable wearing those shoes :)


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