Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a pretty picnic

A pretty day with my lovely Bf. We're going to Taman Mini and walking around and photo shooting and having  a little picnic too! \(^o^)/ Yesterday was my 24th Birthday. It was so surprise that I got 2 packages at the same day. A new lotion product from Unilever, and my new baby from

These 160mm Beige Daffodile Pump are awesome! I am really happy that I can be their blogpartner.
You have to visit their web store, and if you're really have passion in fashion, I promise you guys that you'll be mouthwatering because of a lot of gorgeus fashion items in there..
These Pump are comfort to wear, even the heels are too high for me (because I already tall enough).
I just loooove them! \(^o^)/

Mini Vintage Dress - Plaza Senayan
Shorts Jeans - Giordano
Glasses - Gucci
160mm Beige Daffodile Pump -

I love to have a picnic! It was a long long time I didn't do it. Since I was super busy with my thesis I can't doing something I love as well..

Meet my Photographer of the day : Mr.Olinggha a.k.a my Bf :)

My old camera..<3

Thanks for today dear Bf.. Thanks for visiting me in Jakarta.. Warm regards for Bandung.. I'll visiting you back soon.. :)
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  1. Aw this is so sweet!! Happy belated birthday!! I love your dress and the heels!!! :)

    1. Thank you verrrrrrry much, Diane... #kiss :D

  2. wow!! happy birthday ka!
    wish the best.. long last with your bf..
    love your mini dress :)

  3. love your heels!
    happy birthdayy <3

  4. luxury heels! <3 and happy B-day ;)

    1. aw thank you..they're from :D


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