Saturday, April 21, 2012

one day off

 I spent my weekend in Bandung with my Bf, that was the day before I left him to work (again). 
This time we do LDR for longer than before, but closer than before. Only 150km seperate us, sooo Jakarta-Bandung is not so real bad ^^

Vicari  Shoes for 50% off! cool! 

  Leopard Glasses :)

Dalmantion Shirt! yay! ^O^

p.s: study hard, work hard, play harder ^o^v

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Welcome back \(^o^)/

 This is exactly what I love much to do. 
After my final thesis exam, for an intensive last month I worked out, and yes, finally..
I am back! Blogging is the best thing to refresh my mind, take some photos and it makes me feel so much better!
Alhamdullah :)
 OK..Now I'm start looking for a real job.hehe. oh,but I still run my Second Fashion online shop however.
Did I ever mention you guys about my online shop? Hmm I guess I didn't :p
I opened an online store since 1st February 2012 on Facebook with a help from my Bf.
I don't know why.. Maybe because I love to hunting such secondhand vintage clothes, so I choose to sell secondhand clothes, like dresses, shirts/blouse, shorts, skirts, etc.  I do guarantee they're all great in quality and sold with a low low price :p
I hope someday I can make my own webstore or maybe a real store, and able to sell them internationally. amen ^^
Today's DIY : Shortpants (cut it simple from a long pants to be shorts)
 I've got this pair of shoes yesterday! so simply lovely! ^^

p.s: Tomorrow I have my first job interview in jakarta!
Wish me luck, guys! \(^o^)/

Have a nice Wednesday,

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Day has come ^_^

The Final Exam Day!! Yay..I finally finish my Study with an A.. Alhamdulillah ^^

Preppy Vintage outfit for this Day :)
Big thanks to my dearest Boyfriend for accompanying me all day, during the Exam ^_^
 Meine liebe Kameradin, meine liebe Dozentinen und Ich.. Vielen Dank!
  Thanks for coming today,dear Friendssssss ^^
a bit candid of us, thanks Ica for taking this #kiss

I'll waiting for the Graduation Day next month..My birth month ^^