Sunday, April 10, 2011

No Disney, Yes Bali Heaven

Saturday 9th, Ciwalk : Cosplay for Japanesse Anime Character show off time! But I'm not interessted anyhow.. I prefer Disney than Anime..And actually I came here not for see them show, but for buy the Entry Tickets of Disney on Ice at Crocs Store.... It was so saaaad that we don't get the Tickets!! SOLD OUT.. I'd really really really want to see the Disney Character showing on Ice actually.. mamaaaaaaa... :'(

p.s : in taking picture to be sad is not allowed,hahaha

But he looks so saaaad...oh my poor boyfie.. :(

Sunday 10th, Bali Heaven Factory Outlet.. Got some Balinesse Necklaces and they was cheapy :D

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