Friday, April 15, 2011

Shopashop Time

A bad news comes from my aunt : Today I visited her in RSAB Harapan Kita Jakarta after her baby born.. I'm so sorry that the baby died because of an abnormal heart... And this is her second time she lost her baby after born.. Be patient aunt, we know God always with us.. :(


After visiting her, I go to Pasar Senen with Mommy.. Actually we don't planned this destination before.. And you know what I've got from today's unpredictable hunting? here they are :

  • 1 armless white floral long dress
  • 1 soft brown brookat middle dress
  • 1 dark blue mini party dress
  • 1 smooth (like) silk polka peach jacket
  • 1 brown leather bag!
And I just spent only 140 thousand Rupiahs for all these super items! hell yeah!! :p
FYI, there was only few people shopping and I felt comfy with the situation like that.. But unfortunately we have to berdesak - desakkan to get into Trans Jakarta Bus. That was so crowded and so many people in the Bus! I had to stand all the time on my way back home for more than an hour.. *sigh

This is the brown leather bag I said...
And the other pictures will uploaded soon as I can :p

Happy smart shopping,


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