Friday, January 27, 2017

Hong Kong Day 1

Hallooo.. It’s been awhile since my last post..hehe. Busy with my official 9 hours work and 24 hours online-thrift-shop, today I want to share my last December trip to Hongkong with my hubby.. I’ve got a round trip ticket from hubby as my birthday gift on last May. Haha. It’s okay actually, as we can prepared all cost we need to spent during the trip. :D

November and early December was a perfect time to go to Hong Kong I guess. The weather was nice, the sun shine so bright, cold and fresh, a bit cloudy and windy, no rain and no fog. It was an early Winter and I love it soo much. Me and hubby really had a gooood time together, as we hadn’t go out for 6months since our last trip to Singapore on last May. Hihihi. So, let’s the journey begin. We stayed in Tsim Sha Tsui area Hongkong for 4 nights and pre-booked a room via . We arrived in Hongkong midnight and took the Bus to TST. First before we took the Bus, we need to buy an octopus card which can be topped up n be used for all transportation in Hongkong such Busses and MTR (Metro Train Rapid). We took A21 Bus to Hung Hom, which operate up to 1AM everyday, and stop at Nathan Road, where our hotel was. Night Bus trip was only about an hour from HKIA, but longer on day time due the traffic.

So, Day 1 in Hongkong we decided to go around the city. As we only travelled for two, the time was more flexible than we travel with more people. No rush and no need exact itinerary, cause we could change our mind of what we’re going to do. Don’t forget to take the city and MTR map if you don’t want to get lost haha! We ate breakfast at Hotel and went outside around 9 am. There’s so many nearest sightseeing actually, but we only go to the famous Victoria Harbour, and Victoria Peak. The nearest MTR is the East Tsim Sha Tsui, stopped here and follow the direction on the wall of an exit Map, If I’m not forget, take the exit J.  We just need to took 10 mins walk to get here from the Hotel. Walking is healthy, right? Haha

Loving this view so muchhh and thank you to a young Japanese Couple who took this pic. 

There’s a clock tower as a landmark in Hong Kong. Still at the same area of Victoria Harbour. Strolling around in the morning was better because it was not so many people. And we can take photo without fully people as its background. hehehe

By the way, in Day 1, it was a must that we go to Shun Tak Centre (Transport Complex, more look like a shopping mall) to change our voucher trip that we bought online via . We planned to go to Macau on Sunday, but the voucher need to be changed to a real ticket on office hour at the travel counter at 3rd floor of Shun Tak Centre. Good news was, we’re going to depart from here to go to Macau. We just knew the port is here and it would be easier for us to find the port in the morning soon we’re going to on board the TurboJet. Hihihi. After we've got the tickets we went to Victoria Peak to enjoy the 360 degree City panoramic views of Hong Kong. Now it's named Sky Terrace 428. We bought the Sky Pass including the Peak Tram roundtrip tickets at the Peak Tram Station.


Soooo windy up there and a bit difficult to took an #ootd pics. hahaha :p

People said we should go back to Victoria Harbour in the evening, because we can enjoy one of the most famous attraction in the city, Symphony of lights. And yes, we’re going baack and enjoy a short night here, it was too windy to spent time longer, and we dicided to go back to the Hotel to had dinner and took a rest as we had to woke up early at the next day. Hehehe

Day 1 is done and to be continued to my post of Day 2. Please check out my video in my youtube channel about Day 1 in Hong Kong. Psssttt.. this is my first vlogging-try. I’m still newbie.. Hope you enjoy.. hihihi :D

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