Sunday, January 8, 2017

Vihara Vipassana Graha

I do love Indonesia, love to travel, love to enjoy many kind of new things. Cause of work (the only reason), the only refreshing option is do city travelling. Which is the only -reachable-travel-destination for me and le hubby for now..haha. 

Okay, readers, this time I'll share me time travelling (again) in Bandung.. I know, I know, another great place to visit, to spent with our loveliest.. ^,^ There's a Vihara, named Vipassana Graha, located at Jl. Kolonel Masturi Nr. 69, Lembang, Jawa Barat. This place is a bit hide and we won't see the building from the Road, because it has a big fence in front of it and we have to pass through the security guard to enter. This place located direct in front of Kampung Legok (the one you can see from the road with a big badge. It will make you easier to reach the Vihara).

When you reach the Vihara, you don't have to say what's your purpose to the security guard. Because the last time I went there, they didn't ask for it. Just in case they ask you, just tell them that you're only going to visit. It just happen when there's an event at the time you come. 

To enter the Vihara is free of charge. But there's some rules that we have to know, first we can't wearing shorts or mini skirts as this is a holy worship place for Buddhists. Second, we have to keep the area clean and do not make some noise. Do respect for all people who pray here.. :)

**Special this photo I got randomly from the internet since I couldn't get a good spot to take pic like this when I was there.. poor me -,-
Vihara Vipassana Graha, Lembang, Bandung
When me and le Hubby enter the Vihara area, there's a group of students selling roses around for charity (just forgot what kind of charity they told us). Cause of the charity, le hubby bought me the red rose. yess, a flower!. He never give me bouquette of flowers at all, until that day he gave me one. hahaha he's soooo far from romantic. :p

Here are some photos we took.. 

Vihara Vipassana Graha, Lembang, Bandung
Vihara Vipassana Graha, Lembang, Bandung
The white elephants, Vihara Vipassana Graha, lembang Bandung

Feeling girly yet edgy for the weekend..
What I wore :

Pencil Skirt - Moussy
Black Top - Uniqlo
Bag - Rotelli
Shoes - Docmart by H&M

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