Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Saturday, 21 Mei 2011
I went to Istana Plaza, Bandung to watch Pump Festival Competition (I aploaded the videos soon, because they size are not yet being converted, sorry). After the competition I went Dinner with my Boyfie. Okay, we're not Dinner in Restaurant, Cafe, or another good place to eat. We're having Dinner in Cieumbeuleuit Roadside eating place. This is not our first time to eat here, and I think I ADDICTED to this FOOD! hahahahaaa... the Food is Sate Cobek. It was totally LECKER! very hot, sweet, and spicy.. For the Price, don't be worry, it wouldn't make you sell your cellphone to pay..xixi..
You know, I have to go back there soon, I'm freak out of this! NYUMMEE... :9

What I wore that time :
Deutschland Fussball T-Shirt, s.Oliver Jacket Jeans, Mom's Maxi Skirt, Ray Ban glasses, Bellagio white Sandals, and Charles Jourdan little clutch..
p.s : Oh my God! I'm freaking missing Deutschland! :'(

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