Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Indonesian Ghost House

Today me and my Boyf went to Festival Citylink Mall, Bandung, to see what an Indonesian Ghost House look like. But before we lost our appetite after entering that House, we had Lunch at this Mall Foodcourt.. haha.. Oo after reconcept, this place is being more cozy and comfort anyway.. I like the new concept of it!.. ^_^
Too bad that we can't take any picture in the Ghost House. ooooOf course we don't have any time to take photos in there while our heart fast beating because of the Fear! rrrggghhh... But We take some Photos outside the House to memorizing and to being posted in this Blog.. hehehe :p
And look, we have done some stupid pose! hahahahaaaaa...

Ok,they're succeed to make us scared,

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