Thursday, May 12, 2011

An Old Stuffs

Today I'd open my Box which I seldom open, and I've found my old Watches and Mommys read Glasses... :) I memorize them at that time. I remembered I used the Watches one for last 4 years, and the other for last,hmmm..7 years!!! Omaigad... That when I was in Highschool! :p
But unfortunately I found them broke.. And I start to think to fix them, so maybe I can use them again..yippie.. And the old Glasses was from My Mommy.. The Lens was broken, but after I found it, I repair it directly. Of course I go to an Optic Shop, not self repair..hahaaa

Black Automatic Sport Cartier + Baby Pink Leather Guess
They're look so fine and nothing broken we see..But look under!
The Cartier was so messed up! Gosh!

Ray Ban Brown Glasses with Leopard motive.
p.s : my Eyes minus are getting higher than before...SIGH :(
(2 years ago: -2.50, now: -3.75)

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