Monday, May 9, 2011

Jonas Freak

My last Weekend was spent in Jonas Photo Studio, Bandung. Saturday I made some Photo Session with Literatur Fellas after Seminar Class in Goethe Institute. That was awesome that we're all hang out together. It because we're never been hang out anywhere together.. I'm sooo happy :)

p.s : I will upload some others Photo if I already get the Photo Results soon as possible.

And the next Day, it was Sunday, I'd go back to Jonas Photo Studio to make some Photo Session with KKNM Fellas.. It has been more than 6 Months that we didn't met each other and gathering or doing something together. I was sooo happy for this Meet Chance, but I was soo mad with one Friend, who's verrrry tooo late to come! 2 Weeks before we're already had a deal to come at 11.00 O'clock. I can't believe she doesn't have any respect for another.. Just because she had something to do first then she came late until 4 Hours. So we had to wait her until we get soo big bored and we weren't more exited for this Photo Session. She already broke up everybody's Schedule. And One of my Christen Friend failed to go to the Church just because she ruins our Schedule! F*ck

While waiting all Fellas came, I had Lunch with my Boyfie at the nearest Foodcourt from Jonas, Take some pictures with another, and talk about something from important until unimportant Things..haha :)

Lunch Menu : Soto Sulung, full with meat!

KKNM Fellas! we are 15, but in this Photo just 14 (without she, who didn't came yet!)

Sooo many Photos we're took while waiting someone stupid came.

No more Strawberries are on my Nail Finger.. sooo cuuuute..
p.s : self made! yay! :)

What I wore : Baby Blue and Ivory Mango Top

Me and my Boyfie Akomodation Machine :D
p.s : full of story and history.

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