Friday, May 20, 2011

Better Wishes

2 more days I have my Birthday. I'm going to 23 this Year. I feel I'm not mature enough to be a woman, really woman. But all I have done in life make me learn more to be better person. Even not yet a woman, I try hard to not being childish. I already have a great Family and I have a great Boyfriend, the one I can trust and share with, the one who give the best choice when I'm confused of something, the one who always give his shoulder to me to cry on. Thanks God, I love him so much..

I don't really hope for something special in the next 2 days actually. And I don't have any better Wishes in my upcoming Birthday than to be a better person and always be happy to run this unpredictable life. This year is the hardest year for my Boyfriend, with all his Family problems, I'm proud of him that he doesn't gone bad and get into a wildlife like another Boys in town. He still has me, has nice Friends, and not drugging or even smoking! (that's important!)

One thing I'm begging God, please please please keep us save. Please make his mother's eyes wide open and no more selfish. I know all the things he did wasn't pure his mistakes. Please keep him in good all things. Please make him always patient, stronger, and not selfish like her. I pray for them, God. Best wishes for them. AMEN.

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