Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Green Day

Today I won't spent my time on a beach (again).. need something fresh and green ^_^
Garden, Park, Lake, yessss, I am in :) 

In the middle of red flowers
I am totally refresh! :)
What I wear : pink flowery dress, White-pink Crocs, Bali Hat
Taken by Panji :)
Taken by me :)
at Botanical Garden
feel so natural :)
We're going to cross the Lake to the other Island (still in Bedugul)
I am in love with the Nature! ^___^
Bali Strawberry Cafe (all about strawberry!)
Ice Cream (3 flavours) with strawberry slice
I am just surprised there's much strawberry under the Ice cream! hahaha
Pancake Strawberry with ice cream
Pancake Strawberry with honey
Siomay Strawberry! (I ordered it because I just never eat this kind of siomay)
and it taste awesome!! haha ^__^d

Happy green day,

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