Sunday, June 5, 2011


Finally DDR X2 Machine is already in Indonesia! OhmyGod..I can't believe it..yayy.. :p
But so ironis that DDR X3, the new version of DDR was announced in Japan as we're just have the X2 Version.. damn!
Anyway..Yesterday me and my LoRD Friends were going to Jakarta (from Bandung) just to see and play DDR X2.. First we came, we're just happy happy playing because no one play except us.. That was still in the morning and not so many people there.. And after Lunch people came more and more and more.. Noooo, I had no more chance to play.. I hate crowd!
DDR X2!!!!

Me and Him driving the mini Car

Picture was taken when not yet many many people come.
Emi Coin.. (fyi, Emi is the Game Center's name)

Him on the waiting list to play..

p.s : there's another pictures I will upload soon,

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