Sunday, June 12, 2011

Girls Day, and Boys are not allowed

Only one exuce I am going somewhere with another during my Exam Week..and yessss, the Girls! Just because of them I have of course TIME to spent with them.. hehehehe.. Actually most of us didn't came last night, we are 10 but at least 4 and it wasn't bad.. I enjoying my night with the girls, talk a lot of things, loud of laughing, and I am freaking misssssing the time such this! two in Deutschland, the other one is taking care of her exchange to Korea, another one is taking care of her another friend which sick, and the last one is she already had a schedule with her Dentist, and then finally we're four, sitting in Kuma Ramen, Bandung, and talk a lot!

Our Diner at Kuma Ramen
We're ordered Tokyo Ramen level 1 for 3 and another must order the level 3, more spicy! (because she late to come,hahaa)
Ica, Me, and Yasti
We came over to McDonald BIP to enjoying an Ice cream :p

And What I wore yesterday :
School Style isn't too bad on me, right? heheheee :p

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