Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Semarang Day 2 & 3

Semarang second Day is the time to outbond! hmm.. actually I don't want to make this thing up, because I'm not in the mood to do any sport activity :( But it is okay when the others (friends) want to make it.. Just have it fun anyway.. It is not good when we're in a bad mood during our Holiday, right? heheeee :p
First we're done Flying Fox Lembah
Second we're done riding ATV (I am expert!haha)
Third we're crossing the Marine Bridge! (the hardest thing of all)
Fourth we're swimming in the highest Pool in Indonesia, (on the top of Mountain, actually it is Hill, hehee). A cold water in the pool and a very very nice view from up there!
There's a rainbow on our way back (downhill), even that time wasn't rain. (how come??)
Having Diner : Kepiting saus Tiram (I love Crab!!!!)
Trying a Babat Gongso from Semarang, delicious spicy! yummy...

The Last day in Semarang is to hunting some souvenir (food). We can find all things or food of Semarang in Jl. Pandanaran, Semarang. Lunpia, Wingko Babat, Bandeng Presto, Tahu Baxo, and all souvenirs like Semarang T-Shirt etc. Before hunting, breakfast is important, eheheheee :p
Ketan Bubuk
Es Kuwud
Bubur sayur Terik
Bubur Bubuk Gula Merah
Start hunting by riding Becak :p
Souvenirs Shop along Jl.Pandanaran, Semarang
And then I bought Wingko Babat, Tahu Baxo, and Lunpia :)
After we're arrived again in Bandung, I am frying directly the Lunpia. Taddaaa...
Bon Appetite!

Happy Holiday,

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