Wednesday, June 15, 2011

15th June!

Alhamdulillah the End Semester Test is over, and I really wish I've got good grades for all subjects..*neverending pray..amin. And right after the Exam end was me and my Boyfie's Anniversary.. we are already 3 years and 4 months being together! hurraaa :p And not just to celebrated our Anniversary, but also celebrated the end of our Exam, so we're going out to have a date, eventhough it wasn't a weekend.ehehehee.. I love to be in not-very-crowded place like dating in a weekday.. :p
Soooo, we planned to have Lunch in La Cucina, an Italian Restaurant in Bandung, and than going to the Cinema to watch SCRE4M.. A very nice place to grab some Italian Food in Bandung, and I highly recommending you this place! Important, the price is actually not recommended for Collage Student. It is little bit expensive, but helloow, I am a Student! but it is OK, because I don't go to this place everyday, right.. :p
La Cucina, Jl.Ternate No. 11, Bandung
During waiting our orders, say cheese! :)
I'm freakin like the homie style from this place!
Wine, Roscas, Vodka, Beer are available!
Soooo, we're ordering Penne ai Tonno Olive & Capers,
and Tortellini con Mustard Crema
Guten Appetit!
You know, the waitress are so nice, one of them wanted to take our Picture for us :)

After having Lunch we're going to XXI Cinema at Ciwalk, Bandung, to watch SCRE4M.. Ooomygod, I already wait this Movie after a long time.. Many years ago I watched the 1st, 2nd and the 3rd Movie of SCREAM and I always freakin scared even I already many times watching them! Extremely Fanned! :p
Before the Movie started.. always exist!
Boyfriend asked to be shooted! hahaha
and What I wore : DIY skirt, unbranded Shirt, black boots, and black stocking
Zara Mini Skirt with little modified I made.
And I wore Red Polka Love Ribbon like a bracelet. :p


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