Saturday, June 18, 2011

Movie Theatre

it's Friday, it's Friends, it's Fun!
It's hot outside! McDonal's Strawberry Float would be the best Choice, I guess :p
Go to Cinema "Regent" (the cheapest Cinema in Bandung) to watch Possession, anyway do not jugde any Movie from its cover! I thought this Movie was such a horror, and the truth it was not a horror at all..hufft
The TicketsMan in the mirror..
A very quite place for a Cinema..
And look inside the Theater! ONLY US! and no one else.. :p

What I wore :
new nail art, Gold, Shineand Glitter..!!!

An Old Cat Sweater! I have it since I was in Junior High School and I just found it at my Closet! Love it! :)

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  1. btw it's not "quite" but "quiet"


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