Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Bridesmaids

Hello world of blog. It's almost the end of March. How's your last long weekend goin? Mine was goin great by attending our loveliest friend's wedding. We came in monochrome as our dresscode since the Bride and the Groom was wearing traditional javanese black wedding dress. We're happy for you Bro&Sist! <3

Here are our several pics taken at the wedding day..
By the way, my hair was look bit messy, fyi, le hubby asking me to do-brave-kind-of-hair. Brave from the Disney character who has red-curly-blow-hair. It wasn't blow n curl enough as I only used hair straightener to curl. haha. And I just felt unconfidence with this, but le hubby always said It's good enough and fit on me. Still, I was worried of people judge my messy-diy-brave-hair. -.-
 Happy wedding for both of you, and I only wish you a happily ever after kind of life.  <3

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