Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 15th

Today me and my Boyfie celebrated our 3 years and 8 months Anniversary with diner in Roppan (Roppongi Tokyo) a Japanese Toast Restaurant, Bandung..
I decided to wear a comfortable long flowery vintage skirt from Mommy with Shirt,
Ribbon Tie, Sandals and Clutch.
Lil' bit Preppy look.. and yes I am currently in love with it.. hehe :)

 Big size enough :)
 Ogura Honey Toast Duet (with Matcha, Ogura, and Vanilla Cream)

He draw me this, and he wrote...
Happy Anniversary, hunny ^_________^
Love you always baby boo,


  1. You are so cute and the outfit is stunning, and the pictures are so nice!!


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