Monday, October 3, 2011

Cheap Monday

Today is Monday and I spent my day in one of biggest Secondhand Mart.
Why "Mart"? Why not "Shop"?
Because this place is a very HUGE place.
There's not only one shop, but also many many shops in that one huge place.
Just like a shopping centre (Mall) but the stuffs are secondhand.
People can spent their time to hunt unusual stuffs all day long in there!
Casual, Denim, Vintage, Gawn, Shoes, Jacket, everything is available in cheap price.

I always looove mini skirt. And I decided to find something new for my closet.
I don't need to spend much money for it, just go to my fav place, Secondhand Mart.
Sooo... I'll show you, guys, what I've got today. ^____^

Sorry that they haven't been washed and ironed yet, so they still look not so good. :p
 Semi Leather skirts in Black and Maroon
 Skirt of the day : Corduroy Skirt (with black Leather list) 
 Black Tutu
 Pink Pleated Skirt

 And I just realize after I am home, that this Skirt is a Tommy Hilfiger Skirt! wow!
 Red Baloon Skirt 
 The Belt pattern
Red Bow Belt only for,- (about 60cent in USD)
p.s : All Skirts are only Rp.10.000 - Rp.15.000 (about $1-1,5 in USD) :)

And heyyyy.. I Just coloring my nails in Brown with Glitters!

I think today is sooo perfect :)

Happy Monday,

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  1. Love all your skirts especially the Corduroy Skirt, and the bow belt! Your nails are cute also! :)


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