Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy go Lucky

Hello people.. Today I just get bored with all food I ate in weeks..Don't even have time to choosed which menu I want and in the end, I always ordered the the same menu for more than weeks.. :( You know, Thesis just blows my brain up! arrrrghh...  And finally I have a free time for awhile to got a lil refreshing, go to the City, eat some different menu, watching movie (Johnny English), walking around, and thanks God my Boyfie is here with me.. :)

Wooow, I did fashion jump! bad quality, poor me.. :(

 Secondhand Tutu, Black Boots, Black Knee High,
  Charles Jourdan Bag, Promod Vintage Blouse, Blazer, Statement Ring, 

 Wall of fame, these picture was draw by many children.. cute!
 Having diner with my Boyfie at Nienz Corner, Braga City Walk, Bandung
 Love the Cafe's atmosphere, homie, country, and vintage! 
 And hey I got my new Harry Potter's Glasses! hahaha :))
 Actually I wasn't too hungry anyway, so I choose to ordered a light meal, Maccaroni Scootel
 It's taste sooooo lecker! 
 Ice Cincau a la Nienz :)
 Cookies&Cream Coffee
 On the way home, I bought Martabak on the Roadside, and I was surprised!
The color wasn't usual, it is Black! and soooo yummy! :p
 Cheesie :D

Happy Thursday, people! :)


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