Monday, August 18, 2014

Independence Day!

August 17th 2014.. Happy Sunday, Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!! We got our freedom for 69years already and may God keep blessing our lovely country for now and the future..amin.

And yes, Me celebrate the day with le Fiance after working.. You know lha, I still have to work on public holiday. It doesn't matter anyway, we still can enjoying our time after work. Central Park Mall is the nearest hang out place from our working place, the Airport. And it located in the middle of me and le Fiance's home, so I guess this is the best place to spent a time. :p 

For lunch we decided to have it at Nanny's Pavillion Cafe inside the Mall. Long time I want to eat Salad and now I ordered it! me gusta Salad! :p

A looong talk with le Fiance is my favourite time. From A to Z we talk about, but I still need a loooong more time to spent with him. hehe. After lunch I actually wanna ask him for a movie, but he refused and prefer to take me some shoots for my #ootd , take a walk with me around the Park Hall, and many talks to discuss. This is more than sweet for me, because he never been like this before.. haha He really had a quality time with me.. ^,^  

For this Independence Day we arranged to wear colors of our Nation Flag, Red and White. He wearing white and I still want to wear black, but I covered it with red jacket, so he won't get mad at me. haha. So these are my #ootd pics taken by le Fiance. :p

Thank You so much, baby!
Merdeka! for Indonesia. :)


  1. You looks beautiful!! And food yummy!!! Kisses!

  2. oh my! im in love with your bowler hat <3
    ntar kalo aku visit Jakarta kita meet up yaaa!

  3. Nice outfit!

  4. Love your outfit, so pretty. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

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  7. Great post
    love your blog!!
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  8. Great outfit, love those boots!

    Hugs from Denmark x
    Mathilde | MATHILDE JULIE

  9. the food looks DELICIOUS! And I love your outfit dear esp the boots xo

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  10. Nice hat and outfit, pretty

    Adhi Wahyudi

  11. Your lunch looks nice and delicious. Merdeka! Happy independence day for you :)

  12. Great hair and shoes dear :D


  13. better without outer,i think;) but it's still looks pretty on you:) btw do you mind to follow each other? let me know<3


    1. yeah without outer is better I felt :p

      will do follow dear!


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