Friday, August 8, 2014

Eid Mubarak! Tripple Moment!

28th July 2014 Moeslem in Indonesia celebrating a big holly day! Yeay! Happy Eid Mubarak for all! I'm so sorry to late to say. Please forgive me for all my mistake to you and Let we start over again from now on.. I'm so happy that God still give us (family) a chance to celebrate it together. Celebrate it with the whole Mom's and Dad's big family this year is the most prescious moment ever. 

Another happiness come from my le Boyfriend who celebrate his annual 26th Birthday at the same date with Eid Mubarak. 28th July 2014. We celebrate it simple at midnight before Eid Mubarak day. Just give him a little surprise Cake with candles and a simple unwrapped presents from me. Because I still have to go to work a day before, this little surprise is won't be success without Mom, Dad, and sisters's help. They help me to order the special Cake I want at Richeese Factory, bought some snacks, and picked up the present I want to give. Big thankies to you, dearest family!   ^_^

About the Gift/present, nowadays for me is no more about cuteness or sweetness, it's all about needs. What exactly now he need the most. That will be what he respect for, respect the most people who care with every single (even small) things he need. :)

Ipad Case and Sandals! hehehehe

Words and wishes are not enough to write here for you, but one thing you really have to know and always remember, that I always pray for you and God will always leading us into goodness. Happy Birthday my le Boyfriend, and my future Imam.. I love you to the moon and back.. :)

As you see the title of this post is Tripple Moment. Yes, the first is the Eid Mubarak day, second is the Birthday Boyfriend day, and third is.... Me and my Boyfriend Engagement Day! Yeay! : D
3rd August 2014 le Boyfriend's family come to my house to officially propose me to be his life partner, as his Wife. So happy with new status Fiance and will getting busy to preparing all of the Wedding stuff. Btw, the most people do Engage with a ring to put on Fiance's finger. Doing antimainstream, this moment we choose a gold bracelet as a sign that I've been proposed. There's no rings.hehehe.  

Okay then, these are few of our Engagement photo to share. I'm wearing green kebaya, and did my own simple make up and hairdo. 

Me and my Sisters :)

So happy to share all of the happiness. Wish everything will be run well until the Wedding Day happen. Keep praying and stay happy. 

The Happy Fiance ^,^


  1. happy Eid Mubarak! May your family full of happiness :)
    follow each other? Nice to know ya

  2. Happy Eid Mubarak too! Mohon maaf lahir dan batin :D
    also, congrats for your engagement! ❤
    btw, mind to follow back onn GFC? Thanks! :)

  3. wow! we would like to say congratulations dear!

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