Sunday, July 10, 2011

I heart BATIK!

at Boyfie's friend Wedding Party, of course with a matching color of my Kebaya and his Batik.. hahaahaaaa
On the way to PVJ, I've seen an extraordinary Becak! in an Army Style! yay!
and the Indonesia Pump Festival (IPF) is happening today!
This Night will gonna be a Midnite Sale over PVJ! will absolutely crowded in there!
I change my upper clothes because it is too hot when I use Kebaya all day long.
Etnic style + Batik maxi Skirt
New Concept of PVJ in July is Butterfly Eden Garden!!
Chicklet, Brem, and another old school snack was available in an eye cathing Stand!
ooo I miss playing an old Yoyo and this kind of Balloon! yayness!! :p
Start from Snack, toys, make up, until household tools are available! kind of CUTE!! :p

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