Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Babe..

Dear Boyfriend, who has his Birthday yesterday.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.. thanks for all things n time we've been through..I am wishing you a happy happy life in your new age.. wishing you stronger, more patient, more mature than before..and of course be a better great Person! You know I will always by your side, in your down, in your happiness, in every moment you'll through.. You always be the best Person for me.. *kisskiss

In Pizza Hut, BIP, Bandung
Birthday Gifts for my dearest Boyfriend :)
(Thanks to Kuat too, who give him his favourite Muesli)

What I wore :

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P.S : I want to show you my new cute Stickers above my bed :D


  1. Haha I love your stickers! My own bed is like that too back home :D
    Can't have it here though...stupid rented property ¬_¬

    Walabean x

  2. Hai there! It is so fun to use my spare time to make over my room..hehehe

    (thanks to folow me n I did follow back,dear) ^__^


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