Friday, February 19, 2010

When I live without Internet

Gosh,,I hate being bored and don´t have any idea to do something..Wlan in my Gast Haus was stupid Error.. It was for 3 days!.Very Beautiful damage isn´t it??.
Living in "negeri ujung pelangi", where this place is million miles far away from Indonesia, very makes me fuckin` sick of living without internet.. *sigh..
So, the all things I´ve done yesterday (without studying too, :D) was .... Hair Curlying..!!! Damn, even I didn´t go somewhere.. But,it was nice, guys.. hhaha.
And I made some girl´s things like blue bracelet and bow (hair accessoris). Hand made by myself.. Yippie..!!
Oow,almost forgot.Actually not,hehe. After made some stuff, it´s time to filled my body with energy.. ehmm..let´s say Eat Time.haha. It was my second Lunch (at 3 pm).. so silly.. Nasi Goreng or Fried Rice or Gebratenen Reis, cocked with ground beef and Chili sauce or sambal oelek.. It was like Nasi Goreng Padang or Padang Fried Rice. It is famous with spicy But I love it!! :p
So.. That was the end of my day without internet. Did something else, which can make my own self happy...


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