Saturday, May 9, 2009

the girl at A1 Test

I've got to be nervous guys...don't you think that I would pass it good even I already in 6th Smester..OK?! hhehehe

20. Maerz : start with an early woke up,and then waiting for Damri, then an early came,and then waiting for the Test...
I didn't knew anyone there..and I saw a girl who doing some conversation auf Deutsch with others..(she is talkative or sourish??)
another girl beside me said, "she's so awesome for her Deutsch and absolutely made me worried when she would be my partner of Speaking Test."
I'm just smile and said to don't worried about that..^_^
(so georgeous, isn't it?ahahahaha)

And deep inside my heart,,I really wanna tell you guys,,that the girl who speak a lot or you can say she's talkative or sourish, she's doing a bad conversation! I'm not jugde her,,but I know that her Grammar was so messy..I don't mean to be an arrogant girl..but I really knew that we don't need to be worried about her...

And you guys know what..?
That girl is became the girl beside me's partner..and told that She was really doing a bad conversation on the Speaking Test!
She was nervous,,said too many 'aaa' or 'eee'..and she didn't knew many Vocabulary..
And the girl beside me was surprised..and said 'poor her..'

For you guys..don't you be a girl like that..cause it will be so annoying for others..OK

-6th Smester Girl-

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